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Diagnostik Services

SUND VET DIAGNOSTIK offers a wide range of services to meet the diagnostic and infection control needs of companion animal veterinary clinics.

We perform bacterial and fungal culture. Our prices for aerobic bacterial culture include antimicrobial susceptibility testing according to the current international standards. Minimum Inhibitory Concentrations (MIC) are determined by the broth microdilution method using a commercial MIC plate specially designed for companion animals. For faecal samples, we perform selective culture of specific enteric pathogens such as Salmonella, Campylobacter and Clostridium difficile, and detect Clostridium difficile toxins by Enzyme-linked Immunoassorbent Assay (ELISA).

Apart from our standard diagnostic tests, we offer a range of PCR tests for bacterial identification and DNA fingerprinting methods for outbreak investigation. Our microbiology service is not limited to diagnostics specimens but comprises hygiene evaluation of surgery rooms, surgical instruments, endoscopes, sterilizers and any sort of environmental samples including water, air and solid surfaces. We can also assess the microbiological quality of water samples by bacteriological counts according to ISO standards or evaluate the in vivo efficacy of farm hygiene products using our technology testing platform and the animal facilities available at this department. Prices and delivery times for this kind of services will be agreed based on your specific needs. Please contact us if you have any special request.